10 Resources That Made Me Catholic

In yesterday's post I challenged you to deepen your knowledge of The Catholic Church's teachings and also it's history so we could better defend our Faith.

I received a bunch of feedback asking for resources. There are SO MANY good books, podcasts, and videos out there-literally thousands. So here is a short list of books, podcasts, and videos (that have helped me on my journey) to get you started...



Word On Fire Podcast- Bishop Barron

Catholic Answers Podcast


Rome Sweet Home- Scott Hahn

Reasons to Believe- Scott Hahn

Crossing the Tiber- Steven Ray

A Father Who Keeps His Promises- Scott Hahn

The Fathers of the Church- Mike Aquilina

I'm Not Being Fed- Jeff Cavins


Scott Hahn's Conversion story

Dr. Peter Kreeft's Conversion Story