I’m Challenging You. Yes, You.

We really have no excuse to not know our Catholic faith.

Maybe our Catholic brothers and sisters in the pre-internet era had a valid excuse - but we do not.

I see cradle Catholics being picked off right and left by our Protestant brethren. It’s a shame.

They are sitting on the greatest treasure imaginable but have no idea that they are.

I as a convert see this and want to yell out loud...


Lets be honest the Church as a whole has done a pretty poor job of catechesis post Vatican II. Well, we can’t sit around using that as an excuse anymore. It’s time we take some accountability for our own catechesis and swing the pendulum back the other way.

Again, as I said above, because we all have smart phones in our pockets we have resources and  information coming out of our ears. We just have to stop sitting on our hands and do something with it.

Below are three books that helped me a lot in my conversion. They are easy reads and help explain a lot of the fundamentals of our faith. They are a good place to start.

If you haven’t yet, READ THEM!

Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn

Crossing The Tiber  by Steven Ray

Reasons To Believe by Scott Hahn

I challenge everyone who reads this to forward this on to EVERY Catholic they know and challenge them to do the same. 

I don’t care if I get credit or if anyone ever finds out where this started from. I just want to rattle as many cages as possible!

Care to help me make a ruckus?