How is it September?

As I checked my USCCB calendar to see who the Saint of the day was for today (there was none) I scrolled down to the “Twenty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time” and found it sitting in the month of September.


It feels like August just started...

There really is something to the idea that time goes by faster and faster as we get older.

My wife and I joke, that we will wake up tomorrow and our three kids (under four) will be in college and out of the house. Sadly, I think it’s going to likely feel like that.

My point to this post is simply a reminder to us all that our time here is short. We only have the time that we have. It’ll never be enough. It’ll always go by much too fast.

So, let’s savor it...

Let’s make the most of it...

And above all else, let’s keep our eyes on the prize and remember why we are all truly here:


We’ll be standing in His presence and giving an account before we know it.