Humility is freedom

“Humility is the root, mother, nurse, foundation, and bond of all virtue.”

-St. John Chrysostom

Webster’s dictionary defines humility as...

“Freedom from pride or arrogance, or the act of being humble.”

When I read that, the word that jumps off the page to me is “freedom”.

Freedom from arrogance.

Freedom from pride.

Freedom from self.

Maybe you operate well when you’re wrapped up in yourself.

I can’t relate.

When I’m wrapped up in all my own mess, it’s miserable. It’s a prison.

Luckily, it’s a prison of my own making. I don’t have to stay in it if I don’t want to.

I can humble myself, re-align my will with God’s, and seek to serve others before myself...

 ...and in doing that, I can be free, once again.