In Search Of Those Feelings

As a teen and twenty-something I was always in search of those exhilarating feelings I assumed was the Holy Spirit at work. 

If I didn’t feel those feelings of ecstatic joy during prayer or worship, I assumed that I was either out of God’s will, or something was wrong.

Over time though, with a little more spiritual maturity, I’ve come to learn “feelings” are a really bad barometer to measure my spiritual fitness. 

The Saints agree too. St. Teresa of Calcutta, St. John of the Cross, and St. Gemma Galgani (just to name a few) all experienced bouts of spiritual dryness.

There are two questions that (regardless of what my feelings might suggest) will tell me if I’m on the right track...

#1: Am I rigorously seeking God’s will via the teachings of The Church?

#2: Am I honestly following it to the best of my ability?

If I can answer yes to both I’m doing just fine—regardless if I’m riding a spiritual high at the time or not.

Feelings come and go. Consistency and effort is all that matters.