No tougher job

Thanks be to you, priests, who like a lantern illumine those who come to you, and for whom, like salt, you give life it’s savour. Thank you for what you do and above all for what you are.”

-Pope St. John Paul II

I can not think of a tougher job right now than to be a priest. The thankless job of a priest is hard enough, but now in the midst of the current scandal, how exponentially harder it must be.

Let’s remember that the vast majority of priests around the world are good, holy men. They carry out their jobs will very little fanfare. Many are spread incredibly thin, having to oversee much more than one priest can do.

Let’s keep them in our prayers, invite them to dinner, and thank them for their work after Mass.

Underneath their vestments they are men like you and I, and they need our support.