Become a Saint, and do so quickly.

-Pope St. John Paul II

If you’re not already taking your faith seriously, today’s the day to start.

Why the urgency?

Well first off, to be blunt--today might be your last. Yep, it’s true. We’re not promised tomorrow.

May we keep a sense of urgency in our spiritual life ALWAYS. We may be called to give an account for our lives sooner than we expect. 

Secondly, we need you! And I don’t just mean any warm body. I mean YOU specifically. YOU have unique talents, gifts, and life experiences that make you one of a kind.

We need you to use those gifts right now. Not tomorrow. Today. You better believe the Church and the Christian way of life is under siege and you’re needed on the front lines. 

Saddle up partner, time is of the essence.