Sit Down. Be Humble.

A much smarter man than I once told me there are two things to remember about humility...

  1. If you think you have it, you definitely do not.
  2. Humility isn’t about thinking less of yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less.

So how do we practice more humility?

Here is a list of ways Mother Teresa suggests we can practice more humility, in her book The Joy in Living:

  1. To speak as little as possible of one's self.
  2. To mind one's own business.
  3. Not to want to manage other people's affairs.
  4. To avoid curiosity.
  5. To accept contradictions and correction cheerfully.
  6. To pass over the mistakes of others.
  7. To accept insults and injuries.
  8. To accept being slighted, forgotten and disliked.
  9. To be kind and gentle even under provocation.
  10. Never to stand on one's dignity.
  11. To choose always the hardest.

As Brother Lamar so eloquently tells us,

“Sit down. Be humble.” 😂