Today, August 7th, we celebrate the Feast Day of...

Who: St. Cajetan

What: Italian priest, Reformer, Confessor, and cofounder of the Theatines.

When: (1480-1547) canonized in 1671

Where: Italy


☕️ He founded a hospital for incurables.

☕️ He was a significant reformer in the Church right before the Protestant Reformation.

☕️ He founded a congregation known as the Thietans in order to revive the zeal and spirit of the clergy.

☕️ He was renowned for his work with the sick and the poor. He created many charitable organizations that helped the poor. One of them eventually becoming the Bank of Naples.

Famous Quote:

“Do not receive Christ in the Blessed Sacrament so that you may use Him as you judge best but give Yourself to Him and let Him receive you in this Sacrament, so that He Himself, God your Savior, may do to you and through you whatever He wills.”