St. John Chrysostom, The Eucharist, and New Orleans

If we approach with faith, we too will see Jesus…for the Eucharistic table takes the place of the crib. Here the Body of the Lord is present, wrapped not in swaddling clothes but in the rays of the Holy Spirit.”

-St. John Chrysostom


Today, September 13th, is the Feast Day of St. John Chrysostom. He was such a great speaker and wordsmith that he was given the name “golden mouth”. You can read more about him here.

The quote above was spoken somewhere around the end of the fourth century, reinforcing the undeniable fact that The Eucharist has been at the epicenter of the Christian faith from the beginning. Sadly, there is a large swath of Christianity that misses this fundamental fact, even inside the walls of the Catholic Church.

When I talk with cradle Catholics who have left the church it quickly becomes apparent that their lack of understanding of The Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist was instrumental in their leaving.

In my humble opinion we can not overstate, we cannot over emphasize, we cannot over catechize The Eucharist enough.

If we all truly comprehended what waited for us in the Eucharist we would have to get to Mass hours in advance just to get a seat. Lines would be out every Church door and around the block.


P.S. We are moved in and almost situated in New Orleans, LA. I should be back to posting daily. Thank you for all your prayers and messages! Missed you guys.