Today is the Feast Day of Sts. Nereus and Achilleus.

In a hurry? Need the cliff notes? I got you.👊🏻 Here’s what you need to know...

Everything we know about Nereus and Achilleus comes from the writings of Pope Damasus:

”Nereus and Achilleus the martyrs joined the army and carried out the cruel orders of the tyrant, obeying his will continually out of fear. Then came a miracle of faith. They suddenly gave up their savagery, they were converted, they fled the camp of their evil leader, throwing away their shields, armor, and bloody spears. Professing the faith of Christ, they are happy to witness to its triumph.“

He goes on to say that Nereus and Achilleus were captured and martyred, but we don’t know how.

They were martyred in the first century making them two of the earliest martyrs of the Church.

Legend has it that St. Peter himself baptized them. 

Legend also has it they may have known St. Paul. In his Epistle to the Romans, St. Paul mentions a Nereus to whom he sends greetings (Romans 16:15).

Sts. Nereus and Achilleus, ora pro nobis!