The Key

“Your most important business is the care of your soul. This is why, before leaving your room in the morning, you should spend at least a quarter of an hour in meditating on the life, the Passion, and the death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

-St. Paul of the Cross

I’ll be honest, the last two weeks have been rough. My to-do list seems to never end, I’m behind on everything family and work related, and spiritually speaking I’m wading around in the kiddie pool with floaties on right now.

The good news is, I know what to do when this happens: get back into my daily routines.

I’m a sucker for business and personal development books. I’ve read a gazillion of them so I know the value of having routines around work and life, and sticking to them.

But as I get older I’m learning more and more that above all else, having and sticking to a spiritual routine is key.

Looking back on my previous two weeks guess which routine faltered first causing everything else to crumble?

Yep, that’s right.

My daily prayer and readings!

It's really quite simple if I could just get it through my head...

When my spiritual routine falls apart, all hell breaks loose.