A Daily Spiritual Grind

A strong marriage...

Doing meaningful work...

Being fit and healthy...

Raising obedient kids...

The things that bring me the most fulfillment in life always require the hardest work. But not just any hard work - it’s always work that requires small uncomfortable tasks done day after day after day.

You may be different, but I find the same rules apply in my spiritual life.

Maybe you find prayer and contemplation a breeze. Maybe you have endless streams of willingness to obey God. Maybe you jump at the chance to go to Confession on Saturdays. Maybe you have loads of time to dive deeper into the mysteries of the faith.

I, however, cannot relate.

For me, the spiritual struggle is real...

Do I really need to say my Rosary tonight? I’m exhausted from chasing the kids all day.

Do I really have to forgive her? She’s being ridiculous.

Read my Bible? YouTube videos of Bishop Barron count, right?

Apologize? What if she doesn’t apologize to me? I can’t have her thinking she doesn’t share the blame too.

Confession? I’d rather go to the gym. Maybe next week.

Every day is a battle. Every day is a fight against what I want. Every day I fail. 

Every day whether I feel like it or not, there are small uncomfortable things I need to do to stay on track and keep growing spiritually.

Isn’t that the way it should be?

If the best things in our earthly life require so much work, so much daily attention - shouldn’t the same apply to our spiritual life that much more?

I think so.

Maybe the spiritual life comes easy for you. But, nope, not for me.

It’s a grind. A never ending uncomfortable daily spiritual grind.

But, God willing, oh how it’ll be worth it.


“The ways of the Lord are not easy, but we were not created for an easy life, but for great things, for goodness.”

-Pope Benedict XVI