COFFEE W/ SAINTS has one mission:

To do our small part in the New Evangelization by learning from the example of the Saints.

The great thing about the Saints is that they were just like you and I. They're relatable. They laughed, they cried, they got sick, they stubbed their toes, they did great things, and they did horrible things. But in the end, they prevailed to serve and love our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, we can too.

The witness of the Saints have played a huge role in our own spiritual journeys and they have continued to inspire us to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope the Saints can do the same for you.

We are a husband and wife team (with three young kids). Trey (me) does most of the work around here. However every once in a while when Rachael has time between juggling the kids and work she drops in for a post or two.

We are not theologians, or professional apologists and we are definitely not holier than anyone who visits here. 

We hope you enjoy the content as much as we've enjoyed making it for you...